DrivingBrilliance.com is the best online driver's education course in the State of Indiana.

Our online course is used by over 20 high schools and private driving schools accross the state.

We'll help you find a driving school in your area where you can get started with the process of getting your permit.

Find a state accredited driving school so that you can get your permit.

The State of Indiana requires that you complete 30 hours of classroom time or an equivalent online program.

You are also required to complete 6 hours of driving with a driving school.

Our online course is approved by the State of Indiana BMV.

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The State of Indiana BMV wants you to know your rights and responsibilities.

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You should be ready to start driver's ed if you were born before 2/14/2001.

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You must be at least 15 years old in the State of Indiana to get your learner's permit.

If you complete driver's education and hold your permit for 180 days, then you will be able to get your permit when you are 16 years and 90 days old.

All students must take the written test at the BMV before they can get their learner's permit.